Giuliano Scarparo for Cotton Carrrier COTTON CARRIER COMPANY COLLABORATION

Brand Ambassador Cotton Carrier

Thanks to the collaboration as Brand Ambassador of this brand, I had the opportunity to try all Cotton Carrier products and immediately I felt the true strength of these accessories.


The difference between low-end binoculars versus professional binoculars is easily noticeable.

For every nature photographer, binoculars remain the most used accessory after the camera, observation and study are fundamental in this photographic genre.

Cotton Carrier develops an accessory dedicated to all types of cameras, consisting of a harness capable of supporting the weight of your camera, keeping your hands free.

The functionality of this accessory in some situations is fundamental and of primary importance.

The “The CCS G3 Harness” Cotton Carrier is fantastic as it allows me to have my hands free and balance my EF 400 mm F / 2.8 II with the rear backpack.

I have always demanded the maximum from my equipment to get the most out of my travels, and with Cotton Carrier I have found a partner at the height who will support me even in the most demanding challenges. “